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Food Safety First
Principles for Food Handlers Program


According to the CDC, millions of people suffer from illnesses caused by foods every year.  This is most commonly caused by improper food preparation and handling.  Of those millions, thousands will die. Food borne illnesses can cost business closures, lawsuits, expensive litigation costs and even criminal charges.


Your business is in the hands of your people.

Florida DBPR Approved Food Handler Certification

FSA’s Partner Food Safety First Principles for Food Handlers Course is a nationally accepted and accredited food handler training program (ANSI/ASTM # 1039). This training has been created to address every aspect of food safety as reflected in the FDA Food Code, professional literature, and industry practice.  The informative food safety material is delivered by a professional trainer.  Your employees will be educated on the basics of food safety and, after completion of the course, will have the knowledge to protect food, your businesses reputation and the customers you serve.  In addition, your business license will be in compliance with Florida laws.  For same day certification of groups of 10 or more, this course can be brought to your establishment and delivered by one of our certified instructors.  At the end of the 1 1/2 hours of delivery, your staff will have achieved the certification status and certificates will be issued that same day. We will also report the completed training status of each of your employees to the DBPR and a training log will also be left with you.  If you do not have a group of 10 or more needing certification, this course can also be taken online 

Is Food Safety Training Mandatory?

Yes. Since 1997, Florida laws have mandated that all food service employees receive training in food safety per Florida Statue ( F.S. 509.049) .  Florida law requires that all food service employees receive training and certification in food within 60 days of hire. FSA and its partner program, ‘Food Safety First’ provides the required employee training and certifications to ensure that your business is protected and meets all the legal requirements.

Additionally, establishments which serve food must have at least one Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM) on-site at all times if the establishment employs four or more food service employees.  FSA’s ServSafe CPFM course will help to ensure proper compliance with these state mandates as well.

What Does the Program Cover?

Since food borne illnesses can be prevented, FSA focuses on prevention.  This includes employee behaviors and managerial control.  By far, this style of training is most effective. The Food Safety First Principles for Food Handlers Study Guide is given to each student to accompany the course.

The training covers:

  • Introduction to Food Safety
  • Contamination and Cross Contamination
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Potentially Hazardous Foods/ Time Temperature Control PHF/TCS
  • Pest Control and Sanitation

What is the Cost of Food Safety Training?

The training of your employees is legally required and is priceless to your business. FSA makes training your employees simple and affordable. The training can be brought onsite to your establishment at a convenient time for your business for groups of ten or more.  Call or email us today for more information on bringing this training to your business.

The program includes the following:

  • Certified Instructor Led Delivery
  • Training Guides
  • Certificates (2) copies
  • Wallet Cards
  • Training Log for establishment
  • Florida State DBPR reporting of employees trained compliance verification

“Thanks to you & your staff for being so wonderful! Since I have taken your course, I have been jammin’ in my hot dog cart. I passed 4/5 inspections in last three years. The one that I did not pass was my fault…I forgot to label & date 2 hot dogs that didn’t sell. I threw them away and my inspector stamped me “PASSED” as usual. (I had a busy weekend & simply forgot about those two little weenies in the back of the fridge!!!!)

“As you know, my only formal culinary or chef training was with Lori. I learned a lot and am I doing well. In fact, I have been catering cupcakes and specialty sheet cakes. I have no idea how I went from hot dogs to cakes, go figure! Well, because of my FSA training and good records, I was able to get a contract with City of Tampa to be their preferred hot dog vendor at Sulphur Springs Public Pool! This opportunity has also led to many cupcake orders with other county and city departments as well. I am still stoked about how this “silly” hot dog idea has grown over the years.

“In closing, I just want to say again, thanks for putting up with me in class. Thanks for listening to me whine about failing the test the first time. Lastly, I may have forgotten some of the things you taught me, but I will never forget how you treated me. “

Deaks Hot Dogs & Snax!,

RC Edwards-Harris, Owner


 “Before working with FSA, finding a learning solution to certifying a large group of General and Food Managers was a challenge.    We choose FSA Training for our certification needs because of their attention to detail, communications, flexibility, and  fast and useful feedback.

“In the past, our General Managers and Food Managers had to find their own ServSafe exam classes using several different companies among the Region.  This was very costly, time consuming and just down-right inefficient.    FSA provides us with organized, productive and successful sessions that continually exceed our expectations.

“In today’s Convenience-Store environment it’s imperative to search for smart, resourceful and innovative ways to meet our business needs.  FSA stepped up to one challenge and hit a home-run!  We look forward to continuing our partnership with FSA in the future.”

HESS Oil Corporation,

Rebecca, Training Manager