Responsible Vendor Program


Why Choose FSA as Your Training Partner?
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Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program is a program that teaches the laws and responsibilities faced when working in a restaurant, hotel, bar or convenience store that alcohol is either served, sold or consumed and helps protect a business from fines, suspensions and revocations.

The beverage license of a “qualified” responsible vendor may not be suspended or revoked for an employee’s sale to an underage patron or employee’s use or sale of illegal drugs. Florida’s Responsible Vendor Act (F.S. 561.706) provides significant legal benefits for those alcohol licensees who comply with the requirements. The Responsible Vendor Program administered by FSA Training is based on Florida’s Responsible Vendor Act (F.S. 561.701-705), which was enacted to reduce the sale of alcohol to underage patrons, to reduce alcohol related accidents, injuries and deaths and to eliminate illegal drug activity on licensed premises. When in compliance, it provides mitigation and exemption from suspension and revocation of an alcoholic beverage license for the illegal acts of employees in serving alcohol to underage customers and for illegal drug activity. More important, the program provides valuable training so that your staff is better informed about serving alcohol responsibly and so that they are less likely to break the law.  This education and awareness training saves time, money and your businesses reputation.

If you’re not participating in a Responsible Vendor Training Program, Your Liquor License is Exposed

FSA Training provides the program in its entirety to qualify your establishment as a Responsible Vendor. We provide this program either through our dedicated online learning program or we can provide a best in industry blended learning approach by bringing our certified trainers to your establishment for live based and online training that is provided throughout the program year.

Florida Responsible Vendor Training Classes

FSA Training is a leading provider of Florida’s Responsible Vendor Program

Serving a drink to an underage person, or to an intoxicated customer has serious consequences. Failure to sell alcohol legally could result in large fines, losing a liquor license, increased insurance costs, losing a business, or imprisonment.  And we know how vigilant you as a business owner or manager are in ensuring these mistakes don’t happen. The FACTS are, these incidents happen and most often they are caused by the staff in the hospitality industry not being properly trained in legal alcohol service.  And as a result, fines are imposed, licenses are revoked and criminal and civil lawsuits are faced.

Business owners can reduce their risk of a liquor license violation or lawsuits while ensuring  they have a strong defense in an alcohol related lawsuit.  With FSA Training, companies are better prepared and have mitigation rights in their alcohol related defense. Companies also enjoy reduced insurance premiums and costs.  Due diligence is established while promoting better employee performance.

Responsible Vendor / Alcohol Compliance Program
(Provides Mitigation for Citation and Alcohol Related Lawsuit)

Includes Training – 3 times per year

  1. Proper Identification Checking /Minors
  2. Intoxicated Patron/Intervention
  3. Illegal Drug Activity Prevention
  4. Responsible Service of Alcoholic Beverages
  5. Local & State Laws/Ordinances
  6. House Policies
  7. Proper Management Practices

Florida Responsible alcohol training

All Required Documentation

  1. Meeting Attendance/Sign-In Form
  2. Written Employee Questionnaire
  3. Written Employee Policy Acknowledgement

All Required Signage

  1. Underage Sales and Drug Activity
  2. ID Required Upon Request
  3. No Drinks Beyond This Point

Additional benefits included in the Full-Service Program:

  • Compliance Updates/Newsletter
  • Regular Compliance Inspections
  • On-line Training access available 24/7
  • Ongoing Consultation
  • Immunity from suspension or revocation of the alcohol license for certain violations
  • Decreased overall risk of a violation or lawsuit
  • Affirmative defense and establishes due diligence in the event of an alcohol related lawsuit
  • Improved employee performance
  • Reduces insurance premiums/costs
  • Promotes positive public image

Our Responsible Vendor Program provides extensive ongoing training, thorough record keeping and our program is legally defensible. Protect your investment, protect your businesses reputation and protect those working for you!  Call us today at 888-372-3232 or email us at questions@fsatraining.com and become another qualified Responsible Vendor participant.