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Get the protection your business deserves without the hassle of scheduling three training sessions per year

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• Initial platform setup by FSA Training
• in-person administrator orientation and annual compliance check
• Learners are automatically assigned courses at 4-month intervals
• Learners follow their individual learning path based on their hire date
• Email notifications alert learners of newly assigned courses
• Email notifications alert learners and administrator if training becomes past due
• Professionally designed, interactive courses engage learners
• Fully responsive for desktop, tablet or cell
• Certificate provided after each successfully completed course
• Administrator has access to progress reports, and can select automatically generated reports if desired

These Florida Responsible Vendors and many more rely on FSA’s online training solution: Miami nightclub with 275 Learners; Miami hotel with 90 Learners; Vero Beach country Club with 20 Learners; a city and a county that operate public F&B operations totaling 30 Learners; New Port Richey Pan-Asian restaurant with 30 Learners. 

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We educate, you succeed.

For more than 13 years, FSA Training has helped establishments that serve and sell alcohol protect their business from costly violations and serious penalties by participating in the responsible vendor program.

Our Clients Include:

Benefits of the Responsible Vendor Program

Purchases of alcohol training alone or one time per year, do not meet the requirements of Florida’s Responsible Vendor program.

In order to maintain compliance with the responsible vendor act, all owners, managers and bartenders must complete the alcohol course within 15 days of hire and employees serving or selling alcohol must complete the course within 30 days of hire. In addition, refresher training is required every 4 months per F.S.561.705.

Our program is designed to meet these requirements with simplicity.

Get the protection your business deserves and become a Responsible Vendor today.

Did you know that just one mistake by an employee can cost you thousands of dollars or even loss of your business?

Do you want to risk losing your business because of one employee just not following the laws? Can your business survive a 7 day or 30 day suspension of your alcohol license?

We provide all the required Florida Responsible Vendor Act program documents, train your staff using both our 24/7 online and live instructor training, and for maximum coverage we come onsite for free compliance checks.

For more than 13 years, FSA Training has helped establishments that serve and sell alcohol protect their business from costly violations and serious penalties by participating in the responsible vendor program. We educate, you succeed.

FSA’s Comprehensive Responsible Vendor Program is tailored to your business needs
FSA’s RVP is a program that teaches the laws and responsibilities faced when working in a restaurant, hotel, bar or convenience store that alcohol is either served, sold or consumed and helps protect a business from fines, suspensions and revocations.

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Notification to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
  • Mitigation rights from fines, suspensions, and revocations per F.S. 561.706.
  • Alcohol Compliance Training 3 times per year, per F.S. 561.705 requirements including both new hire and refresher training offered on premises or online.
  • All new hire documents and record retention to maintain compliance
  • Best in the industry training curriculum- Our program provides fresh and up-to-date state beverage laws, enforcement activity, arrest scenarios, civil liability, and legislation that affects your business.
  • On-site maintenance checks
  • Insurance discounts as much as 20% for participation may be provided
  • Program compliance binder with program documents and forms
  • Training tracking and scheduling
  • Convenience for you and your team with course availability both online or brought to your establishment
  • Certificate of participation

Get the protection your business deserves.

The Responsible Vendor program not only reduces your company’s exposure to criminal beverage violations and civil litigation, but protects your establishment, staff, and customers while increasing your profits.

That’s why we have made the entire program accessible both online and in person – to ensure that you maintain compliance at all times – and protect your business.

Let us tailor our course to meet your unique needs.

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